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Seeker – duplicate payment analysis

Organisations that have merged or acquired other companies over time, have moved to a shared service centre or have migrated their finance systems are likely to have made duplicate payments, both through control weaknesses and human error.

A historic review of invoice payments by our Seeker tool can identify overpayments or give your processes a clean bill of health. Seeker has a secure online client portal to enable our customers to see the latest results from our analysis. In a few clicks, clients can view the potential duplicate payments, as well as the estimated overpayment.

Further, Seeker works on a contingency basis – if we don’t identify any duplicate payments, you don’t owe us a penny!

KnowSpend – supplier spend analysis

The cleansing, consolidation, and categorisation of accounts payable data by our KnowSpend analytics tool will give your organisation a valuable snapshot of how cash is spent.

This can then inform rebate calculations, aid contract negotiations and centralise spend – as well as leveraging bigger discounts by agreeing preferred suppliers.

AntiFraud analysis

Our fraud analysis service is designd to spot the tell-tale signs of fraud. Purchase to pay violations, employees registered as vendor and inappropriate use of corporate cards are just some examples of the work carried out in this area.

Through the analysis of multiple data sources, our detailed investigations can piece together parts of the puzzle that simple single system analysis may not.


Our VATDetect service analyses your spend data to identify recoverable VAT overpayments through mis-codings, rule changes and human error.

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