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Whether it’s opportunistic pilfering or theft by deceit, fraud is big business, having cost UK business over £1.4bn in 2010.

Whilst there is good work behind the scenes of a few organisations, it is a sad truth that a majority of fraud is detected either by accident or by tip-off. So what can you do when someone tells you there’s a fraud?

  • How do you gather the evidence, or unpick what the fraudster has done?
  • Finding evidence of fraud is one thing, but how can you know how long has the fraud has been going on?
  • What is the financial impact of this Fraud on your business?
  • …and how do you monitor it in the future?

Difficult questions they may be but for answers you’ll need to look no further than ACL. Equipped with the ability to detect, gather evidence, evaluate and monitor Fraud in your organisation – you’ll be ahead of the curve in actively managing Fraud in your organisation.

ACL is a real powerhouse for anti-Fraud analytics

But don’t just take our word on it:

“Analytics Exchange’s managed analytics platform will allow our Fraud, Surveillance, and Audit teams to work together seamlessly and bolster our fraud prevention programs to avoid unnecessary data duplication and improve reporting procedures.”

George Fischetti

Data Analyst/Senior Fraud Investigator, MetLife

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“As a large multinational organisation, our internal audit process is under scrutiny from multiple global and local authorities. It was essential for us to find a solution which allowed fast processing of financial data, was scalable to our needs and streamlined the entire process to increase overall efficiency. ACL met every one of our needs.”

Cyrille Oudard

Head of Internal Audit Tools, BNP Paribas

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Worried about Fraud? Then why not get in touch. We’ll gladly talk you through what ACL can do, and will happily show you ACL’s fraud detection capabilities.
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