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Data Consulting’s Cookie Policy

This cookie policy is to be read in conjunction with DataConsulting’s Privacy Policy. This cookie policy describes the different type of cookies that may be used in connection with DataConsulting’s website. This policy is under review regularly and changes when appropriate. Any changes in this cookie policy will become effective when published to DataConsulting’s website.

What is a cookie

A cookie is a small text file containing information that a website transfers to your computer for record-keeping purposes and allows the analysing of website traffic patterns as well as giving visitors more functionality. Cookies do not give access to your computer nor to any information beyond what you provide. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies so please consult your browser help manual if you wish to restrict or disable the use of cookies.

Our cookie use

DataConsulting uses a few different services which make use of cookies on its website which:

  • analyses traffic to the website for DataConsulting to understand its visitors needs in order to improve the website. DataConsulting collects only anonymous, aggregate statistics, so for example a specific visit is not tied to a specific IP address.
  • offers social networking links so its visitors can share the websites blogs and content with their own peers, family or friends.
Which cookies does DataConsulting use

Even though DataConsulting’s website relies on cookies, you are entitled to reject DataConsulting’s cookie consent and still browse the website to your own extent, it just cannot promise your experience will be what is intended. The use of different cookies is to help the website function as designed, the cookies used are a mixture of essential, analytical and third-party social cookies.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are necessary for the site to work, enable you to move around it and use its services and features. The cookies DataConsulting classes as essential are:

Cookie type Description Cookie management Expiry
Session Session cookies are used to maintain the state of the application Accept/refuse via your browsers settings Until end of session
Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies collect information about your use of the website, and enable DataConsulting to improve the way it works. For example, these cookies show DataConsulting the most visited pages of the site, it records any difficulties users have accessing the website etc. It allows the clarity of overall usage on the site rather than just an individual.

Cookie type Description Cookie management
Google Analytics Google analytics cookies collect aggregate statistical data to improve Site presentation and navigation. Accept/refuse via:

DataConsulting does not allow Google to use or share the data collected from its website. For more information on Google Analytics and what it is used for, visit:

Third-party social cookies

These cookies allow third-parties to track the success of their application or customise the application for you, for example sharing the website content through social media.

Cookie type Description Cookie management
AddThis Social bookmarklet that allows visitors to share a websites content through social media networks. Accept/refuse via DataConsulting’s website cookie consent

DataConsulting does not allow AddThis or it’s parent company Oracle, to use or share the data collected from its website. For more information on AddThis and what its used for, visit:

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This cookie policy was last updated on 23 May 2018.

You can download DataConsuting’s Cookie Policy here:

DataConsulting Cookie Policy

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