Analytics OnDemand

OnDemand is the analytics resource that works for you!

For just one simple fee you can benefit from up to 150 hours a month of data analytics expertise, that’s the equivalent of a full time employee working on your analytics project!

In addition:-

  • Continuity – We’ll assign you a dedicated resource to support your project, therefore saving you valuable time with things such as having to handle knowledge transfer and training.
  • Stability – Our commitment is to deliver the best possible service we can to you, therefore regardless of your position, we’ll provide a constant assurance that your analytics projects won’t be affected!
  • Reliability – Work can be delivered on-site, at our premises or remote!
  • Security – We are ISO27001 accredited, therefore proof that our information security is of the highest standard!

We work with the following solutions

SQL – Excel / Power Pivot – ACL AN / AX, IDEA – Tableau – Power BI – Access – R. For other tools, just ask!

Prices quoted are over a monthly/four week period

We offer quite a neat tiered pricing structure, which ensure’s you’ll only ever pay for the exact amount of time you use over each month, so-


Light – Up to 5 days (0 – 37.5 hours)


Medium – Between 5 and 10 days (38-75 hours)


Heavy – More than 10 days (Over 75 hours)


…And that’s it! If you want to pause for 1 month, you can, if you want to place the subscription completely on hold, no problem, if you want to fluctuate between “Light” one month and “Heavy” the next, absolutely fine by us!

If you would like to receive information on pricing or are interested in giving this a go, please contact us on +44 (0) 1924 254101, alternatively,

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