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First and foremost DataConsulting’s true strength is its people and their skills and experience. It can often be difficult to have the right data analysis resources to hand to deliver your data analysis requirements. DataConsulting has a long track record of providing resourcing and consulting assistance to a wide variety of clients including FTSE 100 organisations and professional services teams.

Engaging with DataConsulting is easy and straightforward, our goal is to ensure you are able to deliver your data analysis requirements on time and in an insightful fashion. Particular data analysis skill sets include ACL, IDEA, Excel and SQL.

Furniture Specialist

After a competitive tender DataConsulting was selected to provide this successful furniture manufacturer with data analytics software (ACL) and associated services (classroom training and analytics development). A number of years later DataConsulting continues to provide this organisation with ad-hoc training and data analytics development and helps to cover skills gap shortages that occasionally occur as staff rotate around the business. The client is an SAP user and has invested in SAP data extraction software which enables seamless capture of SAP data for processing. DataConsulting has ensured that this organisation continues to experience success in the area of data analytics and ensures any challenges are overcome with minimal disruption.

Postal Services Company

DataConsulting has worked closely with the Internal Audit function over a number of years helping it to achieve its goal of developing best in class data analytics to support both the audit function and the wider business. Analytics developed to date have helped save the organisation millions of pounds and led to significant improvements in business processes. DataConsulting has provided ACL linked services in the areas of classroom training, system implementation and analytics development. The company has also engaged DataConsulting to conduct a data analytics benchmarking review to assess the company’s progress compared to similar sized organisations undertaking data analytics and also to see how the company was doing in achieving its own self set data analytics goals.

Global Telecommunications Company

During the last three years DataConsulting has provided seamless and responsive data analysis expertise to this telecommunication giant’s Internal Audit function which exceeds 100 staff located around the globe. Our knowledge and flexibility have been instrumental in ensuring this client receives a first rate service. Our assistance covers ACL related services in the areas of implementation, training, data analytic development and consultancy. The services provided have been deployed across North America, Europe and Asia. The scope of systems covered extended to both SAP and a variety of non-SAP systems e.g. analysis of extracted Call Detail Records.

  • Do you need an expert or experts who can make a real difference and deliver positive outcomes with data analytics on a regular basis?
  • Has your data analytics lead left the department or perhaps from the organisation and as a such a gap in skills has been created?
  • Do you need the assurance of a data analyst specialist to be available when and as needed?

Bureau Services

DataConsulting’s data analysis bureau service ensures that you are able to receive timely and insightful data analysis reports on an ad hoc or cyclical basis e.g. daily, weekly, monthly etc. Outsourcing your data analysis ensures that your organisation’s resources are focused on the outcomes highlighted by the analysis rather than the often difficult and time consuming process of developing and running data analytics.

Raw source data from your systems is uploaded to a secure DataConsulting server, from there DataConsulting do the rest providing timely data analysis reports in the style that you require and showing the information you need to be able to run your organisation effectively. The reports are made accessible to you by a private portal. Reports generated can be both visual and transactional depending on your particular requirements.

U.S based Audit and Accounting services client

Our client needed quick and speedy analysis of transactional financial data which had been securely transferred to our analysis server. The client had 10 different analyses that needed to be performed on the data. Using the client’s requirements DataConsulting developed the analytics and allowed the client to verify the output to ensure that it met their requirements. Once in place the analytics were run on a cyclical basis with the client providing minor tweaks as and when when required.

Global Technology Company

This client was struggling to ensure that they had qualified staff to ensure that on-demand audit ‘exception’ focused reports were being generated in the areas of payments, expenses and payroll. To overcome this hurdle we were engaged by the client to deliver a wide range of analytic reports on short notice from the client. As the client was an international organisation, data would often come in different formats and sometimes contaminated with errors. Using our excellent data handling skills we were always in a position to resolve these problems quickly with minimal disruption to the client.

  • Do you have the resources to fulfil data analysis expertise on a regular basis?
  • Do you have a high staff turnover or lack of time allocated to data analysis?
  • Do you need the expertise to analyse the data at an expert level?
  • Do you need updated and constant reporting to be handled externally?


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