We all know Big 4 accounting firms are expensive; what if you could have the quality and experience without the enormous price tag?

Undertaking some audits without the support of data analytics is like judging a book purely by its cover.

Robin Clough, Managing Director at DataConsulting

DataConsulting has been helping clients develop robust and reusable analytics for ten years. Some of our consultants are ex-Big 4, some are qualified accountants, but all are dedicated and enthusiastic professionals.

From simple analytics to continuous controls monitoring, our analysts have wide ranging skills and experiences to ensure a successful outcome for your project. Whether you are in search of co-source agreements or just one off competitive quotes we are flexible. We will set out the facts, talk through the options and come up with a solution that works for you.

Our belief in building relationships and not just delivering work is what makes us unique. We recognise the importance of Customer Service, therefore, even in the most difficult of economic climates, our business grows.

Whether its audit, process improvement, or business intelligence, we help clients become the best they can be.

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