Coffee corner – Yorkshire autumnal hotspots

As nights draw in, colours change and the countdown to Christmas begins, this month’s coffee corner recognises arguably the best of the four seasons… autumn! (Controversial I know)

This time of year means you can light your fires, indulge in more hot drinks and unhook your knitwear, but most importantly, enjoy the transformations going on outside. Even though winter is fast approaching, there’s still some great places in Britain where the changes of autumn can be well appreciated, but as the DataConsulting HQ is here in Wakefield, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight a couple of gems in local Yorkshire I’ve been to in recent weeks.

Roundhay park – Leeds

A very popular area for people of all ages to enjoy, offering large areas of parkland, woodland and grassland where nature can be appreciated. Paths around a large lake within the park serve as a great walking route, enjoyed by many dogs and their owners alike. It’s easily commutable from neighbouring areas and being located next to sports facilities, pubs and Tropical World, a group of glasshouses containing many exotic types of wildlife, this area provides a perfect destination for a weekend day out, particularly in autumn. Take your camera and enjoy it. Find out more about Roundhay park here.
roundhay park

Fountains Abbey – Ripon

This World Heritage Site contains a large, well preserved monastery ruin situated in a picturesque setting containing lawn stretches, rivers and patches of woodland. Perhaps the main autumnal attraction however comes from the deer park, home to around 500 red, fallow and sika deer, where the rut is still ongoing. Males lock antlers and engage in fierce battles in order to secure a mate. The best time of day to see these spectacles are in the morning and evening when individuals are most active, and is definitely one the standout events to look for during autumn. Find out more about Fountains Abbey here.



Autumn Crossword

I’m very partial to a crossword now and again so thought I’d make an autumnal themed crossword for you to have a crack at during your lunch break or time off. The initial letters form an anagram with an ACL and dab connection, can you figure it out? The answers will be revealed in next month’s coffee corner, or if you can’t wait until then, feel free to contact me at


cross clues

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