Celebrating a decade of DataConsulting

10 years of DataConsulting

Robin & Sarah Clough celebrating DataConsulting’s 10th anniversary

February 2017 marked the 10 year anniversary since the incorporation of DataConsulting.  I’m extremely proud of this achievement and grateful for all the employees, customers and partners that have helped us along the way. The journey, as you would expect, has been a bumpy one but there have certainly been more highs than lows. In this ever changing world and despite working in a technical area I was determined to build a company with traditional values, based around employing people and developing them into individuals that prosper and appreciate the values laid down by DataConsulting which centre around giving our customers the very best service we can provide.

As with many companies the beginnings started by using home as the office. As we grew the decision was made to move into rented accommodation using the ground floor of an office very close to where we are currently based.  A few years ago we decided to move into our own office which has two floors dedicated to DataConsulting.  The ground floor is where we conduct meetings and run our training sessions which quite a good few of you reading this will have attended.

We’ve grown steadily over the years in terms of staff and revenue and this is probably indicative of my personal attributes which also come out in my sporting ventures where my achievements haven’t arisen over night but after long periods of focus and hard work.

We have some good long term customers and partners who have helped us prosper but our key ingredient has to be our staff who have worked hard to ensure that DataConsulting delivers high quality engagements to our customers leading to our customers using us again in the future. I like to call them ambassadors of the company.

The plan is to continue to develop DataConsulting and help it to grow and prosper.  There will be no rapid growth but instead the sustained growth which ensures risk is kept to a minimum.

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