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Integrating Working Papers with Audit Management

Integrating Working Papers with Audit Management How to shift from ‘common practices’ to ‘best practices’ By Dan Zitting, CPA, CISA, CITP Vice President, Product Management & Design, ACL Services Audit […]

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Vendor Audit and Cost Recovery: Improving Bottom Line Results

Introduction No matter how thorough your purchase controls, overpayments to vendors represent a business risk that directly affects your bottom line results. They are a fact of business life. People […]

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Analyze Every Transaction in the Fight Against Fraud

Introduction Occupational fraud is a dominant form of white collar crime that exacts a significant toll on the organisations that fall prey to it, investors, financial institutions, as well as […]

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The ACL Audit Analytic Capability Model: Navigating the journey from basic data analysis to continuous monitoring

Introduction Today’s business climate has heightened overall awareness of occupational fraud and abuse and its impact on organisations of all types and sizes. It has also increased management’s expectations of […]

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Data Quality: A Critical Component of Business Assurance

Introduction – Data Quality & Corporate Success Data quality is a critical component of business assurance, the practice of reducing risk exposure and improving operational efficiency through business controls and […]

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Scaling the data mountain

Introduction Nearly 60 percent of organisations say that their core data is their business, and without it they would fail. However, an exclusive Computing survey found that only 22 percent […]

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Spreadsheets: A High-Risk Tool for Data Analysis

Introduction When the electronic spreadsheet was first introduced to the business world in the late 1970s and early 1980s, it became an almost immediate success. The usefulness, adaptability and power […]

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