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Say hi to Samantha

Hi, I’m Samantha. I class myself as a true Yorkshire girl and 3 years living on the outskirts of London, for university, has both failed to shake the accent and […]

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ACL announce the results of their 2017 Fraud Survey

How is your organisation handling the fight against fraud and corruption? Fraud is far too common in today’s environment, consuming an average of 5-10% of an organisation’s annual revenue. ACL […]

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Celebrating a decade of DataConsulting

February 2017 marked the 10 year anniversary since the incorporation of DataConsulting.  I’m extremely proud of this achievement and grateful for all the employees, customers and partners that have helped […]

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The key traits of successful Data Analytics leadership

Whilst advances in digital hardware have arguably been slowing in the last few years, the explosion in the digital information it has enabled has not. We are in the early […]

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Join in our visualisation competition on Facebook

We're having a competition internally to see who has created the best viz for Tableau Software's iron viz geospatial… Posted by DataConsulting on Monday, 27 March 2017

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9 Mistakes That Internal Auditors Make

To quote Marshall Goldsmith from his book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, “Almost everyone I meet is successful because of doing a lot of things right, and […]

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3 ways internal audit can really annoy executives and business managers (and how to avoid them!)

Internal auditors, both as a profession and as individuals, want respect. We hear constantly how much they want to add value and “get a seat” at the executive table—and some […]

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What’s trending in risk management for 2017: Enterprise risk management…or “list” management?

What is the one thing you have heard most frequently in 2016 about risk management? The chances are that it is the need to move away from a siloed approach […]

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You Don’t Need Big Data — You Need the Right Data

The term “big data” is ubiquitous. With exabytes of information flowing across broadband pipes, companies compete to claim the biggest, most audacious data sets. And businesses of all varieties — old […]

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10 quick ideas to help auditors reboot tired old audit plans

Are you and your annual audit plan stuck on endless repeat? Your boss—and your organisation—may be wondering: “what have you done for me lately?” ACL have come up with these […]