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A feast for the eyes: Great British Bake Off Visualisation

In light of this year’s Great British Bake Off coming to an end and Sophie being crowned this series’ winner, I decided to create an interactive visualisation in Tableau for […]

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Bringing Big Data & Data Analytics to small to medium sized accounting firms

During October I presented at an annual conference of a network of small to medium sized firms specialising in accounting, audit, tax and business consultancy.  The network covers 290 offices […]

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Don’t make me read your code

Tom Larsen blogs about the more technical aspects of audit analytics using ACL software. In his latest post he discussed some of the things that annoy him about trying to […]

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Are you a Jurassic auditor?

Richard Chambers, President and CEO of The IIA shares some of his thoughts about the roles of Internal Audit. ​Every profession evolves as the body of knowledge expands and new […]

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Return of the Zombie Apocalypse

You may recall that last year we looked at a model that showed what would happen if there was a zombie outbreak in Wakefield. One of our analysts, Greg Olenski, […]

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Data Analytics: From Raw Data to Valuable Insights in Healthcare

Numbers. It’s all in the numbers. As of 2017, the amount of information is growing much more rapidly than our understanding of what to do with it, or our ability […]

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The four types of data analytics

Simplistically, analytics can be divided into four key categories. We cover the basics of these four categories that are often found in data science. 1. Descriptive: What is happening? This is […]

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DataConsulting is Data Roaming!

We’re hitting the road real soon, travelling the length of the country and coming to an event near you, so why not come along and see us! Here’s where we’re […]

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The results of the ACL 2017 Fraud Survey

Image with thanks to

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Coffee corner: DataConsulting takes to the turf

Anybody who has worked with Robin Clough over the past 10 years will know about his passion for sports and healthy living (and beer). It’s not a pre-requisite for working […]