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14 Jun 2017 No Comments

How Internal Auditors Can Gain Data Analytics Experience

Internal auditors with data analytics experience are becoming the rock stars of the profession… not only are they in high demand among leading companies and can earn a premium over […]

24 May 2017 No Comments

The 7 biggest data trends for finance in 2017

Big data has already heralded some massive changes in the world of finance, but new technology is pushing new trends for the industry. Anyone in the financial sector, even consumers, […]

23 May 2017 No Comments

Applying data analytics to internal audit

The application of data analytics in internal audit encompasses the use of software to identify significant trends and exceptions in large amounts of data. Such software can be used for basic data analysis, through […]

23 May 2017 No Comments

Data Analytics – time to take action?

Recent times have seen a big surge in interest in data and in particular data analytics.  Data is the modern written word and its volume is ever increasing with servers […]

22 May 2017 No Comments

Popularity of UCAS Subjects

It’s that time of year again when Sixth Form and College students start to think about university and higher education. Often this means looking at long lists of degrees and […]

11 Apr 2017 No Comments

Competing for the Iron Viz Throne

The Iron Viz Feeder Contest is a data visualisation competition annually run by Tableau for a chance to win a FREE trip to the 2017 Tableau Conference in Las Vegas […]

16 Mar 2017 No Comments

Reduce the front end strain on data processing

One FTSE100 company in the UK has removed some of the pain of data processing by removing the burden on IT and audit. In this case study we describe the […]

2 Feb 2017 No Comments

Challenges of Big Data in Education

How can educators use effectively use big data, and what can be accomplished with it? What are the downsides and challenges of big data, if any? To start with, what […]

1 Feb 2017 No Comments

Machine Learning: The Real Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) tools first appeared on the enterprise technology scene several decades ago, at birth clumsy and difficult to use but ultimately improving the flow of data through organisations […]

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Companies are getting a 402% return on their GRC investment

ACL recently announced that an independent study found an international airport management organisation that deployed the firm’s full data-driven audit and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management platform achieved a […]