Coffee Corner

24 May 2017 No Comments

They think it’s all over…it is now!

It’s been a long hard season but astute management, a sensible transfer policy, and one of the DataConsulting team leaving, means that Sam Ford is the winner of the 2016/17 […]

6 Mar 2017 No Comments

Coffee Corner: Introducing Toby Ratcliffe

It’s a pleasure to welcome Toby Ratcliffe to the DataConsulting team. Toby joins the professional services group as one of our analysts after impressing everyone with his interview presentation. We […]

1 Feb 2017 No Comments

Can Wakefield survive a Zombie attack?

One of our key strengths as a small consultancy is the people that work here and their personalities. We know that our customers enjoy working with us because they can get to […]

9 Jan 2017 No Comments

A Snehalaya story with Harshna

I first visited Snehalaya (Home of Love in English) in India with my university volunteering abroad program, in December 2012 for 3 weeks and instantly felt attached to the children […]

28 Oct 2016 No Comments

Shenanigans at the DataConsulting bake off

October has been a great month at DataConsulting but a personal highlight was our very own Great British Bake Off! It’s an annual event here in our office which coincides […]