Can’t get away from spreadsheets? Download the free ACL Add-In for Excel

Even though you’re already using ACL Analytics to monitor the health of your corporate objectives, do you still find yourself stuck working in Microsoft Excel from time to time?

ACL-add-in-for-Excel-free-downloadAs powerful as Excel is, it wasn’t built specifically for professionals such as auditors and compliance investigators — which is why we created the ACL Add-In for Excel®.

With our FREE ACL Add-In for Excel® Tool, you’ll be able to transform standard Excel functionality into something that’s relevant for audit, risk, and compliance professionals:

  • Make auditing and investigating in Excel more productive
  • Conduct data analysis techniques using a familiar tool
  • Instantly grasp the big picture with information profiling
  • Seamlessly integrate your Excel-based work into your broader risk management process


This isn’t a free trial, and doesn’t come with any price tags like other basic analytics tools on the market. It’s simply a free tool we hope will enable you to spend more time on illuminating opportunities and putting your hard work in an executive context.

View the Download Page to learn more!

(Source: ACL Blog)

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