Are spreadsheets and shared drives hurting your audit management processes?

How do you organize your workday? If you relate to the majority of audit teams, your daily reality involves spending too much time building spreadsheets and working in silos instead of focusing on your organization’s key objectives and risks.

We polled attendees of our recent “Audit Management MY Way” webinar about their biggest pains. Here are the results:

What is your biggest overall audit pain?


What is your biggest pain in project execution?

If challenges in audit management process and audit project execution are dragging you down, you’re not alone. Our customers tell us that using shared drives and spreadsheets for audit management creates a workflow that is cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

Watch the empowering 60 minute webinar to learn how you can get out of spreadsheets, save time, and easily demonstrate greater strategic value in your organization using software for end-to-end audit life-cycle management.

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(Source: ACL Blog)

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