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ACL Analytics Exchange Solutions

Controls are the insurance policy that protects your organisation. It is up to audit, finance, risk and compliance teams to be on top of instances of control weaknesses and protect the bottom line. Blind spots have long-term damaging effects that can take years to recover.

ACL™ Analytics Exchange is a server-based technology that helps organisations conduct ad-hoc and repetitive analysis right through to continuous transaction monitoring. Centralised data extraction, analysis and collaboration drive team efficiencies, improve quality of work, and promote best practices while protecting your organisation against blind spots.

Choose the Ideal Solution for your Business

AX technology powers two discrete solutions: The Data Analysis for Teams solution allows organisations to analyse data and uncover what has happened so remediation can occur. The Enterprise Continuous Monitoring solution empowers companies to continuously monitor the health of their controls and proactively look for gaps.

Data Analysis for Teams solution

Analyse What’s Happened

In today’s complex business environment, it is difficult to detect instances of control failures that could later lead to serious bottom line impact. Organisations need to stay on top of what is going on to guard themselves against revenue leakage, fraud and risk.

Data Analysis for Teams solution, powered by the ACL™ Analytics Exchange server, enables ad-hoc and repetitive analysis of data populations that helps businesses conduct analysis to detect control failures after they have occurred.

Perfect for Teams that Require

  • A centralised repository to share analytic tests and engagements, which helps ensure standardisation and repeatable analytics.
  • Scheduled and automated data extraction at off-peak hours, which gives users greater independence.
  • The security and power of running analytics in a server environment.


  • Reduce the time and resources it takes analyse data.
  • Boost security by administrating roles and access privileges.
  • Integrate AX seamlessly with your IT environment.

Designed to Allow Greater Team Collaboration and Sharing

The power of combining ACL™ Desktop with the AX server gives teams the ability to share analytic tests and engagements.

Data Analysis

Features Team
Analysis and Script Development (ACL™ Desktop) Check
Server Access Check
Web Access to Analytics and Results  
Microsoft Excel® Investigation Add-on (ACL™ Acerno)  
Exception Remediation  
Trending and Visualisation  

Click here to download the ACL Analytics Exchange – Data Analyst Team Solution Sheet

Data Analysis for Teams solution

Monitor What Matters

Every month, new reports emerge of an organisation being fined by an international watchdog for anti-bribery, privacy and fraudulent breaches, industry specific regulations lack of adherence to or corporate governance issues.

Enterprise Continuous Monitoring (ECM) solution, powered by ACL Analytics Exchange technology, provides continuous monitoring of transactional data. The solution is designed to help proactively prevent occurrences of business risk through the identification of control breakdowns. By automating control tests, tracking results and trends, and sharing exceptions, ECM enables a proactive approach to identifying operational deficiencies and control gaps.

Perfect for Businesses That Require

  • Ongoing monitoring of controls to help highlight areas of weakness.
  • Tracking and monitoring of key performance and risk indicators so that when thresholds are hit, informed action can occur.
  • Immediate sharing of exceptions for tighter business controls.


  • Save time by scheduling and automating recurring tests.
  • Gain deeper insights with proactive analysis.
  • Reduce revenue leakage by identifying & fixing issues as they occur.

Designed to Meet All Users’ Needs

ECM is designed to be a flexible user-based solution. User roles can be mixed and matched to best suit your unique business requirements.

  • Architect: A data specialist within the team that has thorough knowledge of the organisation’s data; creates and schedules ACL analytics. May also be an administrator that provides access privileges.
  • Specialist: An auditor or compliance officer that has in-depth knowledge of the business’ processes and governance rules. After generating analytic results from the tests created by the Architect, the Specialist can investigate further using either the web client or Microsoft Excel® add-on.
  • Reviewer: A business department manager who is responsible for day-to-day operations. All exceptions detected from the analytic tests either scheduled by the Architect or detected by the Specialist are sent directly to the Reviewers for immediate remediation.

Enterprise Continuous Monitoring

Features Architect Specialist Reviewer
Analysis and Script Development (ACL™ Desktop) Check    
Server Access Check    
Web Access to Analytics and Results Check Check  
Microsoft Excel® Investigation Add-on (ACL™ Acerno) Check Check  
Exception Remediation Check Check Check
Trending and Visualisation Check Check Check

Click here to download the ACL Analytics Exchange – Enterprise Continuous Monitoring Solution Sheet

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