An Opportunity to Deliver for the IIA.

Using our experience and expertise to deliver high quality training content to an international audience.

The Brief

Knowing DataConsulting’s expertise and reputation in the development and delivery of quality training courses in Data Analytics, the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Educational Committee approached us about providing a workshop tailored to the needs of its Icelandic Region members.

The requirement was for a one-day introduction to Data Analytics workshop suitable for an international audience of at least 20 individuals with very varied Data Analytics experience.

The Solution

We wanted to design a workshop that explained the basic concepts and principles of Data Analytics using real-life industry examples and case studies. With this in mind, we quickly assembled a team who used their experience to tailor existing high quality training content to this objective, drawing on our library of material, proven and refined through the delivery of numerous courses and workshops at organisations over the years. The result was a workshop intended to take the IIA members all the way from initial planning, through testing to reporting using Data Analytics tools such as Microsoft’s Excel and Power BI.

Some hurdles to overcome were to make sure that the workshop could be delivered remotely and to an international audience whilst maintaining the quality, integrity, and delivery style of an on-site workshop.

Training manuals and workbooks were created to accompany the workshop, these were sent out in advance so attendees could follow and run test examples in the workshop for themselves with real-time support from the hosts. We appointed two of our experienced consultants to deliver the workshop; Robin Clough to present, and Levi Senior to offer real-time support to attendees.

The Outcome

Attendees judged the workshop a success. They said the overall content and impactful delivery style helped them better understand the specifics of building a Data Analytics programme and how it could be applied in their own environments and that it possessed a good deal of useful information but without being overwhelming.

Utilising two consultants to deliver the workshop proved fruitful because one could fully focus on supporting individuals and offer specific advice whilst the other kept the pace of the workshop.

Attendees kept their training manuals and workbooks, so that they could revisit or refresh at any given time, and expectations are that they will now be able to build on the knowledge gained and act as a point of reference for members of their respective organisations, without the need for additional third-party support.

Not long after the workshop, the IIA provided us with this quote:

DataConsulting hosted a Data Analytics Workshop using Microsoft Excel for IIA Iceland this fall. The Workshop was very enlightening and very relevant whether you are starting your Data Analytics journey or in need of an update. The instructor was very well organized, kept the flow of the Workshop going and was very encouraging to involve the participants. I highly recommend DataConsulting’s DA Workshop.

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