Advantages of Data Analytics – Reduce the fear!


Tired of trawling through lines upon lines of data and getting nowhere fast? Why not run your audit like a well-oiled machine and save time by introducing a data analytics programme, the audit results and findings of which can be achieved/delivered with a simple click of a button…?


Spot any weaknesses, emerging trends or patterns that reside in your data to get a full and true picture of what is really happening in the business. Why rely on random sampling or judgement when you can easily achieve whole population testing?


The greater the power and influence that is given to data analytics, the lower the potential risk of manual errors occurring. Introducing a Data Analytics programme brings with it an opportunity to interrogate significant volumes of data in a standardised and effective format. Short-term planning and implementation lead to long term assurance.


Realise significant savings, both in terms of monetary and time saving value. Example:- A recent duplicate payment run delivered a £42k return on a £2.5k investment over a 2-day period. Alternatively, the results of a data analytics project can be compared against another set of results which offers a greater level of insight and control.

Never Fear…

Are you getting the most out of your data? Do you have the necessary skills to be able to effectively analyse data and produce compelling reports or dashboards of the results? If not, never fear, DataConsulting are here to help! Contact us at


Author:- David Ryan

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