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Hawaiian Airlines

“The ACL Analytics Exchange solution is paying for itself in time savings alone. It will continue to deliver value as we implement continuous monitoring throughout the organization.”

Mark Curnow, Manager, Corporate Audit, Hawaiian Airlines


Company Profile

Hawaiian Airlines is the state’s largest airline, serving 20 domestic and international destinations in the Pacific region. The company has over 3,800 employees and offers 190 daily flights that carry approximately eight million passengers each year. Founded in 1929, Hawaiian Airlines is based in Honolulu, Hawaii, as a subsidiary of Hawaiian Holdings Inc.


The Hawaiian Airlines Corporate Audit Group needed the power of a server and a full business assurance platform to draw large data volumes from numerous, disparate systems. The team would often wait several weeks to see data requests fulfilled, only to find that the files didn’t fit their needs. It was a time-consuming and inefficient process for all parties involved.

The group also wanted a platform that would enable several auditors to work with data analytics and continuous monitoring projects – without the risk of creating multiple file versions, security issues or data overwrites. ACL Analytics Exchange 2.0 makes it simple to segregate different projects and run them directly from the server. Tests don’t interfere with day-to-day work and there’s no need to download sensitive files to a desktop or laptop.

The Corporate Audit Group wanted to enhance its reputation and ensure buy-in on continuous monitoring from senior management. To get management onboard, they identified manual processes in other departments that could be automated to reduce the time required to complete by approximately 99%.

Implementation, Planning and Experience

The audit team successfully implemented ACL Analytics Exchange 2.0 with assistance from ACL’s Professional Services group. While the Hawaiian Airlines audit team has a high level of technical proficiency, ACL Professional Services provided a valuable kick-start to get the Corporate Audit Group up and running. The team worked primarily to integrate the Analytics Exchange platform and ensure it met system requirements. They also helped to perform station compliance tests and user access reviews.

Once the implementation was complete, the Corporate Audit Group designed several automated analytics specific to the airline environment. The tests look to improve efficiencies around managing employee travel benefits and keeping track of employee sick calls. In the past, testing in this area was nearly non-existent and required cumbersome manual sampling. Additional analytics monitor daily, station-specific airplane seat assignments to find non-regulation over-bookings. Theses tests examine complete data files (something that was previously not possible) and enable station managers to gain better control over their operations.

“The internal time savings are huge, with team members estimating that this process alone is paying for the cost of the Analytics Exchange technology,” says Mark Curnow, Manager of Corporate Audit.When it comes to data access, ACL Analytics Exchange has allowed the Corporate Audit Group to eliminate the middleman. Auditors can connect directly to required information and immediately pull data – without frustrating time delays. Audits are more efficient and there’s no need to burden IT or other business units with data requests. The Analytics Exchange platform also provides seamless communication between users and offers unmatched security for ongoing project files, audit results, and other critical data stored in the AXTM Core repository.

Next Steps

After cutting a manual comparison process from what used to take three to five weeks to now less than an hour, the Hawaiian Airlines Corporate Audit Group has broadened its support to various business units. The audit team will continue to help other departments automate key data analysis procedures and promote more efficient use of employee time and resources. Both the Hawaiian Airlines CFO and CIO have acknowledged the audit team’s work and continue to advocate for the expanded use of ACL Analytics Exchange throughout the company.

The audit team, for example, is planning to develop a routine that matches passenger flight plans with excess baggage charges and other fees. The goal is to ensure that additional fees are being charged where applicable, and are not being overlooked by station employees. This trend-based analytic will provide a measurable, monetary ROI. The team also wants to build routines that target the Hawaiian Miles frequent flyer program in order to pinpoint usage spikes and monitor large corporate accounts.

With independent, secure access to data from multiple systems, the Corporate Audit Group is creating significant efficiencies across the entire organisation. Employees are saving hundreds of hours of manual labor with automated continuous monitoring routines. The team can also follow trends with targeted analytics and promote tighter internal controls. The AX Core component also makes it simple to control and manage all relevant information. It’s the hub of the Analytics Exchange platform, delivering security, storage and unprecedented processing speeds. The Hawaiian Airlines Corporate Audit Group will continue to leverage the power of ACL Analytics Exchange to strengthen and enhance a broad range of internal monitoring activities.


Hawaiian Airlines uses ACL Analytics Exchange 2.0 to:

  • Reduce the time required to complete projects by approximately 99% with automation
  • Gain 100% data coverage, which significantly reduces the incidence of improper flightbenefit usage
  • Eliminate the middleman by allowing auditors to connect directly to required data
  • Ensure confidence in the security of ongoing project files, audit results, and other critical data by storing it in the AX Core repository
  • Achieve a measurable, monetary ROI by using trend-based analytics and automated continuous monitoring routines
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