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Mineral mining company

“ACL audit analytics make it simple to create complex solutions with a significant ROI.”

Company Profile

This company operates a mineral mine in Africa with 13,000 employees and annual revenues exceeding £640 million and uses ACL solutions for crime prevention and classified operations.


Mineral mining provides a valuable commodity in this African country, which puts the company’s transport trucks at significant risk for theft from hijacking or fraudulent documentation. Each stolen truck represents a loss of up to £160,000 – and by the time it’s been reported missing, an organized crime syndicate has typically moved the minerals far beyond national borders. In addition, criminal groups often pay individuals at various points in the delivery chain for their cooperation, which exacerbates the challenge of monitoring trucks carrying materials between the company’s multiple mines and distribution sites.

The company wanted to develop an early theft and fraud alert system to prevent or quickly recover stolen shipments. After several mergers and acquisitions, however, the company had multiple databases and computer systems that were not effectively integrated. Using ACL technology, the security team created a classified solution that gathers access control, dispatch, and telephone system data and converts it to a common format for immediate analysis.

Implementation and Planning

The ACL solution analyzes disparate system data and flags anomalies or potential security issues before problems can escalate. For example, truck drivers must scan ID credentials whenever they enter and exit the mine. If a driver begins a trip that should take two hours, yet returns to the site in 15 minutes, the solution will send a red flag email to designated recipients.

If the anomaly requires deeper investigation, management will immediately obtain a court order to access the driver’s telephone records from the appropriate mobile service provider. The ACL solution quickly analyzes the records against intelligence databases and other internal information. With the cooperation of law enforcement, the company can begin to track the driver, investigate why the trip deviated from anticipated routes or timelines, and promptly apprehend suspects. Investigators have precise information available at their fingertips to pinpoint the people, places and details involved in possible criminal schemes or fraud.

“The sophisticated, ACL-powered solution alerts management to suspicious activities and red flags – often before a theft can even occur.”


This mineral mining company has implemented an ACL solution to:

  • Quickly access and manipulate large data files from disparate systems
  • Save over £640,000 in preventable thefts and assist with cost recovery
  • Create a custom solution to minimize and detect criminal activity

The sophisticated, ACL-powered solution alerts management to suspicious activities and red flags – often before a theft can even occur. Each instance is also delivered to the stakeholder’s mobile phone with a coded ring tone that indicates its significance and potential severity.

With ACL technology, the company can pull data from disparate computer and business systems for scheduled analysis. The solution offers a detailed view of daily mining operations to help mitigate risk and support stronger internal controls.

This company has almost completely eliminated truck theft, which represents a cost savings of over £640,000 million annually. Working with state intelligence, management can prevent and intercept suspicious transactions before they escalate.

Next Steps

The mining team is now using ACL analytics to monitor payroll transactions and perform overtime payment analyses. The company will continue to apply ACL solutions to strengthen and streamline its growing operations.

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