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How do you measure the success of your advertising campaign?
  • Do you know whether revenue is up or down?
  • And in what areas you have been successful; all products or just a handful?
  • Can you see your sales by region?
  • Or segment analysis by customer?
  • How do you process millions of transactions to know whether you’re really making an impact on your customer base?

These are just some of the questions ACL can answer.

Whilst companies measure performance at a high level, knowing for example that revenue is up or down, you’d be surprised to find out that companies have no view of marketing performance. And if you can’t measure the impact of your campaign how do you know whether you should do it again? How do you know whether your marketing pounds are working hard or not, or whether you need to rethink your Marketing strategy?

For all these questions and more, ACL Analytics has functionality that really gets under the skin of your marketing data – limited only by your imagination. So before you purchase any marketing analytics this year, why not get in touch to see whether ACL Analytics can help. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective ACL is as a tool for analysing your Marketing data.

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