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I’m surprised that not many people know this exists, in my opinion this is going to fundamentally change how our users collect information from real people to add context to existing data and then analyze it!

There is no need to ever send out a spreadsheet to collect more information, ever again! Customers have been struggling with this for years and now you can just e-mail out surveys to gather more information.

I’m curious to hear your feedback on this. Please take a moment to check out the following survey created by ACL and feel free to answer the questions. I’m curious to hear your feedback! And, yes, I will be analyzing your responses with ACL!

->> See an ACL survey in action here <<- and please take a moment to answer some of the questions. It’s just for fun.

Learn more about ACL’s questionnaires:
ACL Documentation – Designing Questionnaires

Other examples

There’s a lot more to these than just collecting information. Since you can use surveys to append responses to existing ACL tables or create new ACL tables there’s a lot of different uses for these. They are not just for polling your co-workers on what they want at the next team lunch! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Confirmation letters
  • Whistle blower hotline
  • Pre-audit questionnaire
  • Gift pre-approval requests
  • Customer satisfaction survey
Ready to use templates

We’ve compiled a few of these and created templates for you to use. You can learn more about these:
ACL Documentation – About Questionnaire Templates

And these can be automated as well, with ACL scripts and a new concept of automating through triggers and actions you can create a system to turn a complex manual process into a streamlined system where everyone’s wondering how the heck you did it.


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