ACL London User Group Presentation: Identifying Fuzzy Duplicates with ACL

Identifying Fuzzy Duplicates with ACL

For a long time now, we have had the ability to detect duplicate entries in our data using ACL. But how do we test for entries in our data that are not exact matches? Now there is a feature that allows you to detect Fuzzy Duplicates

Example: Fuzzy Duplicates in Master Vendor Table

Typically, our enterprise systems will detect duplicate suppliers and will not allow them to be entered in the first place. This is often how a duplicated record is entered with a similar name, sometimes with the same or similar address.

Eg. ABC Supplier and ABC Supplier Ltd

ACL Fuzzy Duplicates

When ACL Analytics 9.3 was released, a new Fuzzy Duplicates command, FUZZYDUP, and some supporting functions were added to the arsenal of data analysis tools already available. It can be a tricky area if you’re not sure how it works, so the ACL London User Group asked Ben Hawley from DataConsulting to take some of the mystery out of the ACL Fuzzy Duplicates facility. Ben gave a handy introduction at the latest meeting in February 2013, explaining a little about the background, and how to use the functions and the command parameters to achieve the best results.

This presentation is not an extensive manual on Fuzzy Duplicates, but helps to get the user started. If you would like to know more about the facility, contact us for more info.


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