ACL London User Group and LinkedIn Group


ACL London User Group and LinkedIn Group

The ACL London User Group is going from strength to strength with the latest meeting in March attracting the largest turnout to date. The on-going success of the group is entirely dependent on the enthusiasm of the members. Instrumental to the revitalisation of the User Group over the last 18 months has been Michael Cleary. Michael has tirelessly organised and promoted meetings throughout this period and has now decided to hand on the organiser’s baton. Thank you Michael for the time and enthusiasm you have invested into the group, we sincerely hope you will continue to be a part of the group in the future.

Michael has now handed over the organising reigns to David Britain, who has kindly volunteered to take charge. David’s first role has been to set up a LinkedIn Group which we would encourage everyone to join. David’s first session in charge is likely to be in June and any offers of presentation material would be very much appreciated. David will send out further information in due course for all those currently on the mailing list. If you would like to be added to the mailing list please get in touch.

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