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Have you been keeping up with the ACL EXECUTE Command contest entries in our LinkedIn Group this summer? In June, we launched a global contest inviting ACL Analytics users to showcase their best examples of interesting ways to use the new EXECUTE Command. Our plan was to have just one winner, who would earn the title of MASTER SCRIPT INTEGRATOR. However, we just couldn’t decide between two entries, one of which was developed by a pair, so we’re declaring three winners of the EXECUTE Command contest:

Jorge Cortes Camero

I’m thrilled with this entry. As soon as I found out that AN10 was to have the EXECUTE Command, the automated query of the active directory list for termination testing was an obvious application. I think most folks would agree. Jorge took it 10 steps further and actually implemented it. This was a case of a well-defined business need (to monitor employee termination deactivations) coupled with effective execution that integrated seamlessly with data analytics.

Access Jorge’s entry on GitHub:

David Coderre and Christian Lohyer

So you’re investigating a possible kickback fraud with your purchasing team. Sure, we could use ACL to go at the transactions, looking for a relationship between vendors and purchase agents, but maybe that relationship is weak in the data. Maybe it was just one or two transactions, and it’s impossible to distinguish them from regular course of business. But what if you could connect the raw transactional data with the rich email history between the purchase agents and the vendors? What if the number of emails between this purchase agent and the vendor was 10 times the average number of emails to other similar vendors, or perhaps 10x fewer? Dave Coderre’s submission, to import Outlook mailboxes into ACL Analytics, makes this relationship possible to detect. It is a key example of how the power of the ACL Analytics 10 EXECUTE command can be used to open to opportunities for analysis to keep ahead of the fraudsters. Congratulations, Dave, and glad we coaxed you onto LinkedIn!

Access Dave and Christian’s entry on GitHub: Congratulations to all 3 Master Script Integrators. We will be following up for interviews and publishing them on the ACL Blog.

We have 10 signed copies of Dave Coderre’s book, Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL (value $225 each) to 10 semi-finalists and an AN10 coffee mug for all entrants. Semi Finalists are (in no particular order):

  • Patrick Ong
  • Shaik Muzeebur Rahiman
  • Erling Petersen
  • Keith Pennifold
  • Mike Hoesing
  • Marco Antonio Garcia Prieto
  • Porter Broyles
  • Rob Kopp
  • Muhammad Yousuf
  • Alex Psarras

Thanks to everyone who entered and keep putting the EXECUTE Command to good use!

(Source: ACL Blog)

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