ACL Bootcamp Exercise 4: Computed Fields Cross Training


Exercise 4 – Computed Fields Cross Training

Learn the proper techniques for working with computed fields for deeper analysis. Your instructor will lead an intense and varied workout where you’ll be introduced to computed fields, simple functions and conditional computed fields to manipulate data.

Thursday, January 12 – 7:00pm GMT (45 minutes)

About The Program

Ready to strengthen your ACL skills? ACL BootCamp is a webinar series designed to help users of all levels improve their power and flexibility. In monthly 45-minute sessions, your trainer will demonstrate basic drills and also focus on problem areas—such as data access, scripting and automation. Whether you’re looking to tone your core capabilities with ACL, or learn new skills that you can run with immediately, this program will get you noticeable results!

Meet the Trainer

Shane Grimm, ACDA: With over 20 years of experience using ACL, Shane is the Ironman of data analytics. His career began as an EDP Audit Specialist within an Internal Audit department and he moved to ACL as a Certified Trainer 12 years ago. During his time at ACL he has transitioned through various parts of the company and is now part of the development team as a Technical Product Manager and Product Evangelist. Shane has coached thousands of ACL users worldwide on techniques and best practices for optimal performance.

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Previous Bootcamp Exercises

Exercise 1: Script n’Stretch: Creating scripts in ACL is the foundation required to build toward the automation of your data analysis. Learn where to start, the basic steps required and key factors to ensure your success. You will walk… or run away from this workout with the ability to begin building basic scripts to automate standard testing.

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Exercise 2: High Impact Analysis: This exercise is an introduction to combining tables using Joins and Relations in ACL. Learn the proper techniques for adding weight to the data you are analyzing. Visually build connections between different tables of data and combine a series of related files into one for maximum impact!

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Exercise 3: Data Access Drills: Improve stability and reduce reliance on IT by leveraging ACL’s ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) data access capabilities. Learn how to gain control of your data extraction process to increase output.

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