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When considering the move to ACL Analytics Exchange, look no further

When considering the move to ACL Analytics Exchange (AX), many organisations need an experienced technical partner to assist them with the implementation. DataConsulting has the experience to take you through the implementation process and avoid the pitfalls.


A large international organisation that procured AX Core, AX Gateway and SAP Direct Link engaged DataConsulting to provide implementation support for the solution. Although the client had an abundance of I.T. services at its disposal, there was a need for the specific skills and knowledge of the AX architecture that its internal I.T. staff did not possess.

The client had internal and external I.T. staff involved in the project, including an SAP architecture expert, SAP administrator, Active Directory administrator, and I.T. team leader.

DataConsulting was engaged to:

  • provide advice to the I.T. team on Active Directory security, SAP connectivity, and timing of project tasks;
  • install the AX Core Server and AX Core Analytic Server;
  • install SAP Direct Link on ACL Analyticss and AX servers, ensuring connectivity with SAP servers;
  • consult on analytic and repository security;
  • provide post-implementation support and transition to ACL Customer support.

This allowed the client to liaise with DataConsulting throughout the whole project and work with us as an implementation partner. The benefit of this level of involvement was that when an issue needed to be resolved, DataConsulting had an understanding of the client’s situation at each stage of the project.

Along with technical support and advice, DataConsulting was also able to provide training and expertise in data analytics and setting up the client’s development environment.


DataConsulting also ran an on-site ACL training course for the technical internal auditors with our own ACL certified trainer. Topics covered by the course included:

  • administration of AX Core Server and AX Gateway;
  • setting up engagements;
  • converting and importing scripts from ACL Analytics;
  • scheduling analytics for continuous auditing and continuous monitoring.

With the AX servers successfully installed with Direct Link for SAP, the client now has the facility to develop analytics using their SAP data without the need to go to I.T. for data extracts. The analytics and the data are stored securely, and access to them is controlled by the technical members of the internal audit team.

The client is in the process of converting the scripts developed in ACL Analytics to analytics in AX. The analytics automate the queries to download the data from SAP without any need to make data requests to I.T.

Subsequent to this, access to AX Gateway will enable up to non-technical internal auditors to access the analytics developed by the technical auditors and access the results in Microsoft Excel, or other Office applications.

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