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The Product Pulse is ACL’s regular blog series on product & ecosystem updates.

In this edition:

Dice coefficients for fuzzy matching, a catalog for ScriptHub, and a COSO 2013 SOX template in Project Manager.

Finding fuzzy frauds fast and feezy using dice coefficients

When I presented Inspirations to the crowd at the 2015 Connections conference, I wasn’t totally shocked when only a handful of people were aware of the DICECOEFFICIENT() function released with ACL Analytics 11.3. If you’re like me, you thought that the scary sounding dice coefficient function was only wielded by statistical wizards.

WRONG! Dice coefficent can be used to do super-effective fuzzy matching:

DICECOEFFICENT(employee_name, vendor_name, 2) = percentage match between employee_name and vendor_name

It’s like, a bajillion times faster than a Levenshtein distance test. HOW? Think of “Dice” not as in random and statistics, but rather “chop up”. DICECOEFFICIENT() chops up your strings into small pieces (whose size is determined by the third parameter. In our example, it was 2) and compares the pieces together. It’s fast, simple, and usefully (though not perfectly) accurate.

The bad news? The fields need to be in the same table for it to work… so if you’re comparing employees and vendors, they’re typically in two different tables.

The good news? We’ve got a script for that in ScriptHub. It’s called, “Company and Name Matching“.

Read on to learn how to find specific scripts in ScriptHub.

A categorized IKEA ScriptHub catalog

We’ve realized that finding scripts in ScriptHub was harder than using the scripts themselves. We’ve painstakingly categorized them all and made them into a catalog here:


Some of my favorite categories include HarmonizingPatterns/Transpositions, and Keyword Searching.

PROTIP: once you hover over the filter/search bar, you’ll see a little triangle nub that you can click on to get a list of all the categories.

Haven’t had enough SOX puns yet? We’ve got a drawer full of ’em

Okay, you just groaned. But no matter how many SOX puns you endure, I’m sure you’d rather read them all day rather than actually manage a SOX program. We’ve got a few folks at ACL who used to do them themselves, and would love to make your job easier with… a pre-built framework!



Want to get started with this content? In Project Manager, create a new Project from ACL Project Template, and select Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Audit Template (COSO 2013 Framework). You can then clone/copy individual processes/sections to your own project, or use the whole project as a starting point.

Other stuff we gone and did:
  • In Results Manager, you can now customize all of your statuses, and delete any default statuses.
  • Also in Results Manager, optional questions are now clearly indicated within questionnaires.
  • In Academy, we’ve updated the icons in the course catalog to indicate course difficulty and length.
  • In Inspirations, we’ve added new PCARD inspirations.
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