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The answer to whether you think, or know what’s happening in your business is fundamental.

Everyone knows that basing decisions on factual evidence is good corporate governance. And so it is in Human Resources. It’s not enough to facilitate the joining and leaving of employees. HR should be shaping recruitment strategy; feeding information into employees reward packages, and providing information to the business when it really matters.

Create custom reports and analytics with ACL.

The ACL product suite is specifically designed to assimilate data from across the enterprise, to provide a range of custom reports and analytics. Whether its workforce performance; costs and service; modelling what-if scenarios; forecasting or calculating salaries and performance related pay – ACL has the capability. Perhaps its trends in productivity, or comparisons between departments with respect to attrition, absenteeism, or budgets that’s of interest. Perhaps you simply want to know whether an employee has already been added to the payroll system? Or maybe implement a process that rewards employees based on sales targets or productivity?


Whatever the problem, whatever the question, ACL has the answer. For all your HR queries, and more, trust ACL. Contact us to find out what ACL can do for you.
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