ACL Analytics Exchange 4 new features, functions and enhancements


What are the noteworthy new features, functions and enhancements in ACL Analytics Exchange 4 (AX4)?

A lot of work went into improving the overall performance and functionality of AX4 to help our customers work more productively and effectively. One of the biggest priorities during the development stage of AX4 was to correct customer reported defects and improve overall performance and stability within AX; including the client, Add‐ins for Microsoft Office Excel and Exception.

Beyond that, the ACL development team has also created new features and functions aimed at solving pain‐points that customers have been facing.
Archive and Restore

You can now archive engagements and projects for recovery or re‐use and re‐purpose – this reduces storage space on server (IT) with 90% compression as ZIP file with all meta data; enables version control of engagements.

Schedule Analytic Chains

Reduce manual effort by creating a sequential chain of analytics –allows for email notification if one fails and enables others to continue; cleaner, simpler execution process.

Easier and Faster to Manage Results

Display analytic results in tabular format, enabling easy searching of engagements by user, engagement name, start date, end date, etc.

Improved Installation

More guidance through the process to ensure accuracy and completeness; post‐install log which enables faster troubleshooting if needed.
Application Programming Interface (API)

The IT department can use the API to integrate AX into their own enterprise systems such as IT Asset Management tools. This will enable the IT department to remotely perform AX functions including administering access permissions, scheduling and running analytics tests at off‐peak hours.

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