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Accounts payable systems, does yours provide what you need? Is it flexible, secure, reliable and transparent? If like the majority of other A/P departments you spend most of its time reporting out of spreadsheets, have had experience of preventing or detecting duplicate payments, or have had reason to worry about fraud and segregation of duties then there is a high probability that you will benefit from using ACL products?

Why ACL?

ACL offers products ranging from between £2000 to £40,000, to fit almost any budget. ACL offers your organisation the opportunity to move away from a reliance on IT, to reclaim ownership of business data to develop robust and reusable reporting. Streamlining and improvement is at the heart of your investment. It’s not about throwing away what works, it’s about augmenting controls which may exist already or plugging the gaps you know exist; it’s about using data from across the enterprise to reconcile, compare or add additional dimensions to existing reports – without the hefty price tag of new systems developments. And what’s more… so long as data is taken directly from source, the analytics can be run whenever you want. That means before a payment or prior to approving an invoice. Continuous monitoring then becomes reality. What department wouldn’t want instant reporting without the need to spreadsheet the solution?

And why stop there? Why not invest in ACL Exception, to distribute problems to the relevant part of the business for processing and resolution. Capture outputs and monitor for resolution. See in an instant, what is outstanding. No more emailing back and forth.

More with less

Everyone wants to do more with less, it’s the unfortunate mantra of the times, but with ACL you really can. Efficiency and flexibility are at the heart of all ACL’s products which is why you’ll benefit. Drop us a line today, to see how we can help make your budgets go further.

Which efficiencies?

Everyone has something in mind when they talk about efficiencies but here are three possibilities to consider:

  • Detect duplicate payments
  • Reduce dependence on IT
  • Reduce the occurrence and reliance on spreadsheets and spreadsheeting

If you want to know what else ACL can help you with, then why not give us a call?

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