2 Sep 2022 No Comments

Using Data Analytics to support end of year audit cycles.

The speedy deployment of our team ensured the creation and running of several analytics that were able to provide the client with the assurances they required in-time for their end […]

11 Jul 2022 No Comments

Company Milestones

How can we help? How is your data supporting you and your business, are you able to access the correct data for your analytics project and, if so, is this […]

17 Jun 2022 No Comments

Improving spreadsheet visibility…

Using our expertise in Microsoft Excel and Data Analytics to harness the power and capabilities of data modelling techniques to improve a critical process and reduce risk. The Brief. DataConsulting […]

19 May 2022 No Comments

Data Analytics…The dangers of relying on a single resource

An increasingly common situation we are finding is that companies, even large organisations, rely on a resident expert to plan and deliver their data analytics projects and whilst its always […]

16 Mar 2022 No Comments

Common Issues With Data Analytics

We recently delivered a series of blogs on LinkedIn around what the most common issues Auditors face with Data Analytics. It was interesting and in some cases, very challenging to […]

16 Mar 2022 No Comments

dab:GmbH Customer Day

On Friday 21st January 2022, our colleagues and friends over at SAP specialists dab:GmbH delivered a “one stop shop for your business analytics needs” presentation and were delighted to introduce […]

14 Mar 2022 No Comments

Feedback Round-up

How can we help? We hope you enjoyed reading the feedback that we received on our Data Analytics Workshop, from the London Audit Group, and if you think that you […]

9 Feb 2022 No Comments

Advantages of Data Analytics – Reduce the fear!

Fast Tired of trawling through lines upon lines of data and getting nowhere fast? Why not run your audit like a well-oiled machine and save time by introducing a data […]

7 Oct 2021 No Comments

Week 5: Too much data and performance issues

Knowing when enough is enough is a great way to start a Data Analytics project… We are running a series of blogs on what the most common issues are around […]

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