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Challenges in Big Data Analytics

Ahead of this year’s Data Insight Leader’s summit 100 Heads of Data Analytics from some of the biggest fortune 500 companies were asked to give their input into the biggest […]

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Top 10 Data Analysis Tests for Detecting Bribery and Corruption

A common mistake most organisations make is trying to ‘boil the ocean.’ An anti-bribery and anti-corruption program that is deployed in bite-size manageable pieces ensures longevity and success. It has […]

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Extracting Big Data from SAP

Quantitative research or analytic projects typically incorporate three main areas: Data collection and preparation. Analysis and interpretation. Reporting and distribution. A setback at any step can lead to missed deadlines, […]

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Coffee corner – Welcoming Kathryn

We’ve had a big summer of recruitment with three new colleagues already joining the team so far this year and our latest all star is Data Consultant Kathryn Ambrose. Kathryn […]

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DataConsulting is going for gold

You have probably noticed that the team have been spending a lot of time using data visualisation tools. This is partly due to our love of data and new technology […]


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