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Ways to avoid being the weakest link in the chain

Source:- ACL Blog, Author:- John Verver It is no surprise that supply chain risks are often ranked among the highest risks that many organizations face. In some industries, such as […]

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Coffee Corner – EURO 2016 in Tableau

As most of you will know, Euro 2016 is in its final stages and rather than write an article about the England team I thought it better to stay well […]

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Getting to the root of the problem!

Source:- Audit&Risk.org.uk, Author:- James Paterson Often internal audit will flag up the same issues time and again without getting to the crux, or root cause, of the issue. This is […]

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DataConsulting make it into the TOP 10 at the Manchester Graduate Recruitment Fair

Big hitters such as Deloitte, EY, Amazon and Aldi attended the event which took place on the 15th June 2016, although, it has to be said, DC more than held […]

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SOUNDEX() and Manual input fields

When analysing transactional data an insight analyst will often come across manual input fields, a name field for example. In large datasets, with record numbers in the millions, there could […]


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