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Coffee corner- April Fools!

Source:- David Ryan, DataConsulting All members of DataConsulting do like to share a joke or two in the office, just to add a bit of exuberance to the day, so […]

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School of thought:- Buy into data analytics from day 1

Source:- AccountingToday, Author Anthony Cecil Today’s college students were born into the Information Age, and simply cannot imagine a world without technology. During my decade-long experience teaching graduate courses, students […]

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Lego and Data: Closer than you think

Source:- LinkedIn, Author Chris Pham More often than not, there’s a slightly surprised look on people’s faces when they find out that I love playing with Lego. One reason may […]

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ACL April Product Pulse!

Source:- ACL Blog The Product Pulse is ACL’s regular blog series on product & ecosystem updates. In this edition: Dice coefficients for fuzzy matching, a catalog for ScriptHub, and a […]

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ACL User Group Meeting – April 8th

April 8th marked the date of the first ACL User Group of 2016, it provided a chance for ACL users, both new and experienced, to come together and share their […]


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