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Who’s Using ACL GRC? Read the Latest Customer Reviews and Stories

The ACL GRC buzz continues to spread around the world and across all industries, and we’re thrilled to share the latest news releases and case studies. So, who’s using ACL […]

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Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors and ACL sign partnership agreement

ACL, the company that is transforming audit and risk management, today announced they have entered into a new partnership with the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (‘IIA’) in support of […]

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How do we stop countries from exporting corruption?

A LONG WAY TO GO Fifteen years have passed since the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention was introduced to the world. Under this treaty, leading economies made commitments that they will criminalise, […]

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Top 10 Data Analysis Tests for Detecting Bribery and Corruption

2014-10 Don’t let the risk go unmonitored When it comes to managing and monitoring bribery malpractices, performing data analysis is the most powerful way to validate the completeness and accuracy […]

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Text Analytics a hot new thing…or just another thing auditors have been doing for years?

2014-10 It is pretty hard to avoid noticing that data analysis is a very hot topic—not just in the world of audit and risk, but particularly in the world of […]

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Collaborating with busy stakeholders & contributors: Techniques for Success

2014-10 As audit, risk, and compliance professionals, there is a seemingly never-ending battle to provide assurance that strategic objectives are met, risks are mitigated, and controls activities are carried out. […]


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