14th Annual ACL Impact Awards


The ACL Impact Awards are synonymous with business excellence, recognising organisations and people who are innovators in audit and finance. The Impact Awards celebrate outstanding achievement and vision of those who are improving the levels of assurance and value they provide to their departments and organisations.

In addition to the Grand Prize winner and four regional winners there are five other award categories:

  • Most Promising Novice Award – Ideal for those using ACL technology for less than two years
  • Best Use of Analytics Award – It’s all about testing and scripts and increasing effectiveness
  • Audit Productivity Team Award – Showcasing team/department who have used Analytics Exchange to improve productivity
  • Best Application of Continuous Auditing/Monitoring Award – The transformation from periodic to point in time auditing and increasing automation
  • Most Innovative Use Award – A chance to showcase your own flair for innovation and creativity

Deadline for entries is 5th December 2011.

Entering is easy and free

Simply complete the entry form to tell us the details of your story and email it in. You can highlight a completed project, or one currently in progress; no need to invent something new. Organisations of all sizes and all sectors in all parts of the globe are encouraged to enter

Awards and Judging Criteria

Most Promising Novice Award

Ideal for a new user who has been using ACL technology for less than two years. Focused on audit specific data analysis, describe how you have been using ACL to increase your ability to detect fraud, errors and inefficiencies and increase the quality of your audits. Tell us how you have increased audit coverage or productivity, achieved insight into data, establish standards for reports and documentation, or how you have gained a better view of risk and control issues within a given audit area.

Best Use of Analytics

This is all about using analytics and scripting and integrating them into your audit process. Through the use of analytics, which can be applied to a range of audit and control objectives, tell us how you have created and used repeatable testing procedures in support of an audit area. Describe the improvement of the quality and reliability of the tests, the increased audit effectiveness, the reduction in manual auditing or sampling and how these applied analytics are now core to the overall audit program.

Audit Productivity Team Award

This is all about being centrally managed and organized for better team efficiency. Ideal for the Audit department who has elevated their productivity and efficiency by creating automated tasks. Describe how Analytics Exchange has enabled your team to improve the sustainability of their analytic work and share repeatable analytics involving complex processing of large data sets in a secure server environment. Tell us how you have become more efficient, and achieved faster analysis with tangible benefits experienced.

Best Application of Continuous Auditing/Monitoring Award

It’s all about your transformation from traditional periodic and point-in-time auditing to continuous auditing or monitoring across one or more business processes. Through your use of Analytics Exchange, tell us how you have increased automation with recurring and scheduled analytics, expanded your audit scope covering more areas more often and are reporting and monitoring results and trends. Demonstrate strengthened controls and reduced audit and compliance costs while increasing organisational performance.

Most Innovative Use Award

Designed for users at all levels this is your chance to shine. We want to hear your stories about how you are using the software with your unique flair of creativity and innovation. Describe how you have used ACL technology with a business impact such as increased efficiency, decreased risk, new audit area, helping other business units etc.

Grand Prize (1)

Winner is selected from entries to the main award categories. The story will articulate how, through the use of ACL technologies, you are resolving challenges and risk and are increasing the effectiveness of audit analytics with a focus on people, process and technology to illustrate business impact.

Regional Winners (4)

Based on those applicants who are short-listed for the Grand Prize as the runner up in their region (NA, EMEA, LAC, ASIA). Entries must show business impact with quantifiable results.

Entries will be short-listed by a panel of ACL judges. Candidates may be asked (rare) to provide technical documentation of their ACL application(s) and provide additional information about their story. At no time will the technical documentation be shared outside of ACL Services Ltd. ACL will only publish the winners’ names and their stories with the consent of the participant and their organisation.

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