We’re passionate about data and want our customers to benefit from the insights that can be unlocked from their data.

Robin Clough, Managing Director at DataConsulting

Who Are DataConsulting?

Since 2007 DataConsulting has been assisting organisations to develop robust, reusable analytics and effective data analysis strategies to provide valuable insight, assurance and risk management to their business. We now have over 100 clients, including national government agencies, independent businesses and FTSE100 clients.

Based in the UK, DataConsulting, is a leading data analytics software and services provider to many UK and international organisations. DataConsulting is able to provide data analytics solutions for audit and risk management. The consultancy capabilities of DataConsulting include ACL, IDEA, SQL and Excel.

Why Choose DataConsulting?

DataConsulting thrives on helping businesses to get more from their data. Established to help auditing departments to get more insight from data, the company is also used by departments outside of audit such as risk, compliance, IT, fraud prevention and finance.

We believe in building and sustaining positive relationships with all of our clients in order to find the best solution to their organisational needs.

The work was very useful, I have handed it to the US CFO to investigate, he was a little surprised as he reckons his controls would have picked all this up!


DataConsulting offers software solutions to assist data analysis.

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DataConsulting provides training for a variety of data analysis tools such as: SAP, Excel and ACL.

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We all know Big 4 accounting firms are expensive; what if you could have the quality and experience without the enormous price tag?

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About DataConsulting

Find out more about DataConsulting.

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